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    I am selling my book:  

“EMERGENCIES HAPPEN!  BE PREPARED                                NOW!”

If you would like this book, write me at and I will respond.

Emergencies Happen!

Be Prepared Now!


Emergencies WILL happen, learn how to prepare NOW for the safety of your family before one comes your way; “EMERGENCIES HAPPEN!  BE PREPARED NOW!” is your guide to be safe and live well in an emergency.


“Emergencies Happen!  Be Prepared Now!”, is a comprehensive book that covers all type emergencies that could happen in any country, including an EMP event created by nature or man, that takes out the country’s power grid for months to years. 


“Emergencies Happen!  Be Prepared Now!” is “living insurance”, just as you have house and car insurance, except living is vital.


Click on “BOOKS” above for book details.

Live well in an emergency.

You can do it!

- Marcella Derrick

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